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Hello My Name Is Kyle Benham & This Is My Blog, A Blog/Website, Domain Name & Hosting Supplied By GDI (Global Domains International).

I Have Been Working Online Since 2011 And Would Like To Share My Success With You By Showing You How And Where I've Had All My Success From With Online Marketing.

What Is Passive Residuals?

Passive Residuals Is Actually Two Terms Used When Talking About Making Money, Income Through A Source Or Multiple Sources That Is Either Regular Or Guaranteed Every Cycle, Whether That's Weekly, Monthly Or Yearly.

Passive Residuals Is The Term Used When You Are Making A Passive Income Such As A Sale , And You Made That One Time Sale Either Through Advertising Or Through Your Website (article or review etc). It Also Means An Income You Are Generating Constantly From Lets Say An Investment Like A Revenue Share Or Stocks And Shares Or A Company That Pays You Dividends.

Residual Income Is The Term Used When You Are Making Regular, Guaranteed Money Every Week Month Or Year.

Its Similar To A Paypal Subscription To Yourself. You Earn Residual Income If Lets Say You Are In A Work From Home Business That Costs You $10 Per Month.... You Are Paying A Residual When You Do This Because When You Pay Your Fee For That Business Opportunity, Part Of That Fee Goes To Your Sponsor As A Commission (Residual Income).

It's Only When You Get People To Join Something Below You That You Will Start To Earn The Residual Income, So Residual Is Basically A Guaranteed Sale Or Payment To You That's Going To Happen On A Set Day And The More People You Get To Join Below You In That Residual Income Business Opportunity, The More Money You Are Going To Make Month After Month.